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What Our Members are Building

WACO 9 Restoration

Dennis Harbin, Louisa, VA is keeping his website ( active with the restoration of his Waco 9.

Curtiss Jenny

And reconstructing a Jenny? . . . go to ( to see the details on Brian Karliā€™s project. Brian lives in Peachtree City, GA.

Super solution Project

Peter Groves, a 747 pilot based in Dubai, is not a VAA 3 member but has a blog everyone building a project should see. Check out (supersolution-project) VERY interesting!!.

Travel Air 4000

This is a 1928 Model 4000 Travel Air belonging to Jim Wilson. The first owner was Dean Banks (cousin of Pancho Barnes). The aircraft was wrecked in the 1940's when it was used as part of Frank Hurtel Roger's Texas dusting operation. To say it needs extensive repair would be an understatement. The aircraft was originally powered by a Warner. Restoration will use a Wright J-6. Click here for more information on this rebuild.

Jim Wilson's Waco Fuel Tank Build

Jim Wilson constructed a new wing tank for his 1936 Waco Standard Cabin biplane. The tank was made per the original, including the use of original processes. It has gas welded seams and brazed fittings and rivets. Click here for more information on this rebuild.

1936 Taylor J-2 Cub

This is a 1936 Taylor J-2 Cub, N17283, built in Bradford, PA. The plane belongs to Susan Dusenbury and Zeke Saunders. Zeke instructed in brand new J-2s back in the late 1930's. The bulk of the restoration was done Zeke. Jim Wilson received the aircraft to redo some repairs that were done in the 1940s, cover the airplane, and assemble it. Many missing pieces such as doors, the removable window, and engine cowling had to be fabricated. Click here for more information on this rebuild.