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Cubs at AirVenture 2012:

Cubs at AirVenture 2012
cubs at AirVenture 2012
cub at AirVenture 2012 black cub at AirVenture 2012




Years ago Jack and I used to wonder where the 8 airplanes we had owned since the early ‘60s until 2011 were.  Occasionally we would check the N numbers on the FAA registry to see where our J-3, Aeronca 7AC, Luscombe 8A, Bellanca Cruisair, etc. were.

Do you ever wonder where some of your previously owned planes are?

What prompted this was when I came across a couple of slides . . . the Waco UPF-7 that was owned by George McKiernan, the Chapter President in 1966-1967.  The photos tell the story . . .


Waco UPF-7 When we first met George and Geneva McKiernan the Waco was orange and cream . . . this photo was taken in May 1966 at the Asheboro Airport during one of our fly-outs . . . as they were called then.






Waco UPF-7After the mishap at an air show at Mooresville, NC, George and Bob Beitel, also of Charlotte, restored the plane and changed the colors to two shades of blue. This photo was taken in May 1972 at Santee, SC, during a fly-in at Wings and Wheels.






Waco UPF-7It was in these colors when it was purchased and flown by the late Butch Joyce. After a number of years of fun flying, Butch sold the Waco to Phil Coulson, a Chapter member who lives in Michigan, on April 23, 1987.






Waco UPF-7 Phil had it restored and he and Ruthie flew it for 25 years.

It was then sold to John Cournoyer of Creve Coeur, MO who in turn sold it to John and Louis Naibone of Fredonia, NY.





Waco UPF-7The Waco was sent to Roy Redman in Minnesota where it was completely customized with the installation of a 275 Jacobs, new wings, a turtledeck fuselage and painted yellow and black.

It was in this configuration that Jack and I spotted it at AirVenture 2010 - recognizing the N number, NC173E, as having originally been a North Carolina and Chapter member owned airplane.



Can you trace one of your earlier owned aircraft?  If so, share your story with us.

- Golda Cox