Chapter News



Congratulations to Stan and Sandy Sweiker of Dameron, MD.  Their newly restored 1929 Fleet 2, N431K, was awarded a Silver Age Champion Bronze Lindy.

Stan and Sandy Sweiker Stan and Sandy Sweiker's Fleet



A 1937 Lockheed 12A, CF-LKD, owned by Peter Ramm of St. Catherines, Ont., received the Antique Grand Champion Gold Lindy.  We were told that this Lockheed was previously owned by the late Colgate (Coke) Darden.  Coke was a long time member of VAA 3.

1937 Lockheed 12A


Robert Epting’s 1946 J3C-65, N92455, received a Classic Outstanding Piper J-3 award.  Robert lives in Chapel Hill, NC.  With reportedly over 174 Cubs in attendance, it would have been difficult to locate Robert’s Cub for a photo among the sea of yellow.

Cubs at Oshkosh


(Photos courtesy of Sparky Barnes Sargent.  Sparky is a contributing writer for the EAA/VAA magazine, Vintage Airplane.  She did an interview with Stan so we will soon see an article on the Fleet in Vintage Airplane magazine.)